Sparkling Wine



Stone Castle has the great pleasure to present KOSECO the first sparkling wine in our country. We are delighted to announce that we were inspired by Kosovo’s 10th anniversary of independence, a remarkable day to present you this outstanding sparkling wine.

Stone Castle Winery at the historical Rahovec Valley is located in South East Europe. The area is renowned for its wine-making tradition of more than 2000 years since ancient Illyria. With a favorable climate of 270 days of sunlight per year, and located at about 500 meters above sea level, makes our vineyards the perfect home of excellent grapes.


Sparkling Wine KOSECO

This versatile sparkler is the perfect to drink anytime, from enjoying a relaxing evening at home to celebrating life’s memorable moments. The 10th anniversary of Kosovo’s independence is one great day to be celebrated with this elegant sparkling wine.

Its exceptional fresh taste owns everything a sparkling wine enthusiast wants to taste. A light but yet smooth, rich and elegant, Koseco is hard to resist because of its lovely depth. It’s made from the Riesling grapes, which is the typical variety of the Rahovec region.

  • Varietals Riesling
  • Alcohol 12.0% vol
  • Region Rahoveci Valley