A visit in a Winery of history and tradition

A visit in a Winery of history and tradition

August 28, 2018

In the Rahovec Valley, the Illyrian inspired Castle made of stone you can find Stone Castle one of the biggest wineries in Europe. It is a perfect getaway with friends and family for a wine tasting experience where is a history in every bottle!

Knowing that you cannot put into words a place like this, the winery welcomes you for an unforgettable experience. Visitors have the chance to enjoy wine tasting, learn about winemaking and the history of the winery, visit the oldest and biggest cellar in Europe, and enjoy the traditional food.  A visit to the winery does not only fill the hearts of wine enthusiasts, but it will also offer a unique experience for everyone who wants to get away and enjoy a day alongside tradition and incredible wine.

With its great location in the soft hilltops of Rahovec, at an altitude of 350 to 520 meters, Stone Castle is specialized in growing grapes of the highest quality. Beside the production of high-quality wine, Stone Castle also produces a 10 years old “Verak” brandy, Liquors and the traditional grape “Rakia”.

Being of the largest privately owned winery in Europe, with a storage capacity of 50.000 HI in wooden barrels, the winery and the vineyards of Stone Castle are a must see place for everyone who wants to be impressed by hard work and the passion for winemaking.


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