Despite the circumstances that have dominated in Balkan Peninsula, especially in spite of different occupying cultures flood in this region, continued existence of grape cultivation and wine production in Rahovec Valley and in Anadrini represents a miracle of its kind.
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Stonecastle Vineyards and Winery
Bërnjakë p.n. Rahoveci, Kosova
Tel.: + 381 29 276 053, Fax.: + 381 29 276 051
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With pleasure and pride to offer our products, which have a positive impact on physical health and spiritual human feelings.
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The company is now owned by the successful American businessmen Kosovar origin who are investing in modern infrastructure winery, in order to finalize the gift of God expressed in fertile soil and pleasant rays of the sun.
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Activity in Rahovec

The company was founded in 1953 as a result of the continued success of the event in Orahovac. Since 1957 the company has been part of the international wine market. Over 80 years' enterprise has exported about 32 million liters of wine in the German market.
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According to archeological resources, in the Region of Rahovec the grapes, from which was produced the wine, was cultivated since the Illyrian times, due to the favorable agro-climatic conditions in this region.