Stone Castle

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Stone Castle Vineyards and Winery is a hidden gem in the heart of Rahovec Valley, a region that has more than 2.000 years of winemaking culture. Stone Castle takes great pride in growing the highest quality grapes and premium quality wines by combining the latest technological advancements with traditional winemaking methods. From handpicking grapes that surpass quality standards to de-stemming and fermenting, aging in oak barrels, bottling, corking and labeling. Stone Castle gives it’s very best that every bottle is unique, made with passion and love for the product.

Stone Castle is committed and focused in making products that would achieve the highest quality standards. Stone Castle winery produces wines and spirit alcoholic drinks.


Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve

It is a premium quality dry red wine with a protected geographical origin. It is produced from the best hand selected cabernet sauvignon grapes during the late harvest.

Riesling Bag & Box

Is a dry white wine of high quality, with protected geographic origin. It is made of Riesling grapes, all grown in Stone Castle Vineyards.

Vranac Bag & Box

It is a dry, high quality red wine of protected geographic origin. It is made of Vranac grapes grown in Stone Castle Vineyards.

White Wine

It is a white table wine, produced from blended autochthon grape varieties Smederevka and Riesling.