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Owner's Choice produces special Cuvées with a dedication to delicate blending of carefully selected handpicked grapes that form some of our best aged wines. These are wines with a distinctive house-style blend made exclusively by extraordinary winemaking traditions inherited generation by generation. It is our pride - made with passion from our vineyards and winery, only for the the lovers of Cuvée. It is a perfect wine for special occasions to toast and celebrate with your loved ones.


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Gecaj Estate – Shiraz

Edgy, raw and round, this mediumbodied red exudes a woody aroma of cedar and pencil shavings marked by a velvety mouthfeel of ripe forest fruits, cherries and bilberries.

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Gecaj Estate – 2016

This bold and regal full-bodied blend unites the power of a Cab with the elegance of a Merlot, creating a rich sipping experience with a dry, crisp finish.

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Gecaj Estate – Petit Verdot

Rich, woody, and deeply satisfying, this full-bodied red exhibits flavors of violets, blackberries and wild blueberries making it deliciously satisfying.

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Gecaj Estate – Grand Vranç

This crimson red bursts of forest aromas marked by a warm complex of wild dark berries and cinnamon.

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Gecaj Estate – Chardonnay

The ideal pairing to a good conversation, this crisp and beautifully balanced Old World Chardonnay is your perfect go-to white wine.