A Piece of Stone Castle in the Middle of Prishtina

The city of Prishtina is known for many amazing coffee shops, for the best macchiato in the world and for its energetic youth who enjoy their night outs with glasses of wine. But besides that, it was missing on something important, its first local wine shop.

In order to build a closer relationship with its costumers Stone Castle decided to open a beautiful and welcoming wine shop in the middle of Prishtina. Wine enthusiasts, people who experienced the tour and wine tasting of Stone Castle Wines in Rahovec and remained impressed can find their favourite wines in this wine shop.

Being on the middle of Prishtina, right in front of the Newborn Monument and minutes away from main attractions in the city, the shop offers a convenient place for tourists, as well as people from Diaspora who want to take a piece of their home back with them.

This place also offers a nice gift options with different packages of wine. In this wine shop each bottle has a story to tell, from the perfect Liquor all the way to the Rakia baked in copper and the Verak Brandy which has been stored for 25 years.

Prishtina was never closer to the vineyards.


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Stone Castle Vineyards and Winery