Zero Pozitive dhe Stone Castle ndihmuan 100 familje në nevojë!

Në datën 10th Dhjetor, Zero Pozitive dhe Stone ndihmuan së bashku 100 familje në nevojë, në Komunën e Obiliqit. Në këto ditë të ftohta dimri, shumë familje fatkeqësisht nuk kanë fatin të shijojnë pushimet për shkak të kushteve të këqija financiare.

The Mayor of Obiliq  Xhafer Gashi expressed its gratitude and added that this activity was needed since the municipality has the largest number of families in need.

At this event, 50 food packages, as well as 400 winter coats, were given to the families, “this is just a small gesture that is continuing to become a tradition. Not every one of us can make big changes, but small changes made with a big heart are important” said Genc Meraku, Chairman, Zero Pozitive Publicis.

At the same time, Ismet Hulaj, representative of Stone Castle, talked about the importance of helping these families. He said that this activity has become a tradition and that they will continue in other cities.

The families were chosen from the Director of Health and Social Welfare, Ibush Mjekiqi whose focus was more on the standalone mothers.

This action is an example for all of us, to see and spread happiness as much as we can even if it is for one person, especially during the year.

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